Four Important Techniques to Protect your Wine Collection

There are many vintage wine enthusiasts; however, only a few of them have the knowledge, passion, and means to invest in a vintage wine collection. Collectors of this wine savor the flavor of their favorite wine and revel in the treasured bottle they have acquired through the years. Although they can afford to invest in vintages, this investment requires dedicated preservation. If you have been buying wines from shops specialized in old vintages and collecting vintage wine, below are some tips to protect your collection:

Keep an Inventory

If you have an expensive bottle of vintage wine in your collection, losing just a battle can result in a significant financial loss. That is why you must keep a careful inventory of your collection. When keeping track of your collection, try to incorporate wine management software into your strategy to avoid making mistakes along the way.

Keep Track of Values on a Regular Basis

There are many factors that influence the worth of wine and they tend to experience regular fluctuations. What you paid for a bottle of a 1997 wine won’t be its worth after ten years. To make sure you know the exact net worth of your wine, track the value of every bottle. There are websites that track vintage wine values which can help you with this.

Protect Your Wines Against Natural Disasters

To make sure your collections are safe and protected against these disasters, keep them in a well-built cellar and racks. Ensure your wine racks are reinforced to protect the bottle and insulate them from damage should an earthquake take place. Consider using unfinished wooden racks since they are durable and adapt to their environment.

Control Cellar Temperature

A controlled wine cellar is paramount to ensuring your vintage wine collections retain their taste. Fluctuating temperature can cause irreversible damage to your wines and their bottles such as expansion and contraction. Make sure you maintain a frigid temperature. This way, the aging process of the wines is refined and stagnated, reducing it to just a few chemical reactions that bring out their natural sweetness. Contemporary wine cellars are equipped with a digital controller that acts as its constant, precise thermostat.

Also, invest in a power backup for the cooling system to prevent your cellar from failing every now and then as a result of a power outage. A generator can be a good backup power source; however, you want something that works even if you are not home to start the unit up.