Few General Facts on Gold Coins and About Popular Rare Gold Coins

Occasionally a collector of rare gold coins will be at loss due to varied reasons. It can be mismanagement or possessing of fake or non-valuable uncommon gold coins. Investing in really old coins of gold won’t prove to be a bad investment anytime.

What are really old coins of gold?

Gold has been known to be a part of currency since centuries. Royal family and courtiers of palaces used to posses bags of gold coins. In the early years of 18th century new metals coins were minted to be used as currency as the metals were cheap and available in abundance.

Gold coins which are quite old minted hundred are thousands of years back are termed really rare gold coins. Most of these coins were minted by royalties empowering vast lands. They were in the treasure dome of the Government, in the hands of pirates, great sailors of that century and now in the possession of rare coin collectors.

Few lines on the most popular really gold coins found worldwide:

  • 1833 proof capped Bust five dollar gold half eagle is known to be near about 200 years old. It surface is light cameo frosted finish. The 1829 replica of it minted by United States mint for general currency circulation. However, half of the mint coins were collar less and other half were stuck with collar and the die used was of ‘small date’ variety.
  • Twenty dollar double eagle gold coin having O Liberty head at one side minted by U. S in New Orleans mint is termed to be exclusive coin. These are uncommon low quality coins, thus were less in circulation however are listed high in collector’s chart as one of the beautiful ‘Specimen Strike’ gold coins.

  • 1921 Saint Gaudens twenty dollars double eagle head gold coin was minted exclusively with special proof Roman finish.
  • 1920 ten dollar gold coin having eagle in fine detail was minted by San Francisco mint. It is a highly appealing coin having smooth surface.
  • The coin of dollar two and fifty cents marked the beginning of the first gold coins minted in U.S mint. These kinds of coins are rarely left, thus grades as MS-65.
  • 1927-D Saint Gaudens twenty dollar double eagle minted gold coin is termed to be the most beautiful coin ever produced by the United States mint.

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