Evil Season 3 Release Date, Cast And Plot

At its core, “Evil” consists of two plots: One consists of the “demon-of-the-week” cases which David, Kristen, and Ben investigate each week. These typically feature guest stars and characters who are generally confined to one standalone storyline. The other consists of the show’s larger mythology and more character-driven storylines, which develop and change over each season.

So far, “Evil” Season 2 has been more character-centric, as the leads have struggled with their darker impulses — Kristen killed a serial killer (Darren Pettie) who threatened her daughters at the end of Season 1, while David is struggling with doubts ahead of his ordination and Ben is being visited by a strange demon at night. Along the way, they’re investigating a potential plan to corrupt future generations in accordance with Biblical evil, while figuring out their own personal beliefs in the realms of science and religion.

Season 3 will certainly continue featuring exciting new cases, as the characters dig deeper into the show’s mythology and confront their own inclinations toward evil.

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