Every Volcano Bay Slide Ranked Worst To Best

Honu is part of the Honu ika Moana set of slides. While Ika Moana is a green slide with whale-shaped rafts, Honu is a blue slide with turtle-shaped rafts. But trust us, we didn’t rank Honu above Ika Moana because we like turtles more than whales. (We’re actually undecided on this important issue.) No, Honu gets the edge because of its unbelievably cool bowl-like structure, which, as the Orlando Informer explains, gives you the “quite terrifying” sensation of zooming up enormous waves. 

We scored these rides on excitement, but we also factored in originality. Honu ranks high when it comes to both. This is an unusual experience — think of it like a water slide crossed with one of those swinging pirate ship rides you see at carnivals — which is sure to get your heart pounding. Opt for Ika Moana if you want a more relaxed experience, or a more traditional slide. But if you’re looking for a really unusual ride? Honu is the way to go.

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