England, India Players involved in heated exchange in Lord’s Long Room

London, August 25 (IANS) England and Indian team players were reportedly involved in a heated confrontation in the Lord’s Long Room during the second test last week.

A report by The Telegraph on Wednesday said there were ‘tense scenes’ in the Lords Pavilion at the end of the third day after Jasprit Bumrah bowled continuous short balls to number eleven flasks and England’s pace attacking striker James Anderson.

“The players were pictured arguing as they left the playing field, but rows continued into the Long Room, which was filled with Indian officials, support staff and squad players, who gave their team an exciting reception as they walked inside,” the report read.

“Joe Root, who had just scored a brilliant undefeated 180, and Virat Kohli are believed to have exchanged words on their way to the locker rooms as the situation threatened to escalate before the mood cooled,” the report added.

India went on to win the test match by 151 runs and bowled England for 120 in the last two sessions of the final day at Lord’s.

Confrontations in the Lord’s Long Room – the sacred inner sanctuary of English cricket – are almost unheard of. Usually, the area is filled with MCC members, and the two teams go their separate ways up different stairs to their locker rooms. However, due to Covid restrictions last week, the Long Room was closed to members, as was the players’ dining room. It allowed the two sides to mix more freely at the end of a day, which made confrontation more likely in the event of a heated run in the game, ”the report states.

Indian skipper Virat Kohli had said at the virtual press conference on Tuesday that his side was provoked by England, but did not reveal the words that were spoken.

“I can not give you the details of the words that were spoken; I think it’s for the cameras and stump microphones to pick it up for both teams. What is being said on the pitch and what is being done at the moment gives you extra motivation. ”


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