Dino Morea resembles the character of ‘The Empire’ with Black Panther

Dino Morea will be seen in a negative light for the first time in ‘The Empire’. The actor, who referred to the practices of the black panther for his character Shaibani Khan, says that playing an antagonist has no limitations and that he has the potential to be amazing.

Talking about his character, Dino in a chat, shared that since there was not much to refer to his character Shaibani Khan, he chose to watch videos of black panthers.

“I compared my character to a particular animal. We made Shaibani Khan as a black panther. Initially we thought he would be a lion, but we settled with a black panther. So the preparation was to watch a lot of videos about black panthers, ”said Dino.

He added: “The way it moves, agility, cunning and I always had this in the back of my mind that every time he (Shaybani Khan) walked or talked, there was a certain growl and madness that I tried to keep as much as possible. I really hope people love my efforts. ”

The series is directed by Mitakshara Kumar and is a fictional saga about a warrior-king based on books by Alex Rutherford.

“It is also fiction to dramatize the story to make the story interesting. We made Shaibani Khan into this beautiful antagonist. This mad antagonist who believes the throne should be deserved, it was never inherited. He was against the idea and he has a story about his childhood. Shaibani Khan’s childhood, and that makes him who he is, ”shared Dino.

Dino shared that his character “is dangerous, he is a warrior and smart.”

“Playing an antagonist has no limits. You can be angry, you can be ugly. Other than that, there is no reference to the character 400 years ago who knew how they acted or behaved like that. I think everyone can do with these characters, because as long as you can make the audience believe who you are, and that’s what I did, ”he said.

The 45-year-old actor-producer is happy to have the opportunity to do something different “after a really long time.”

“More than nervousness, I know I have worked really hard for this. I’m just excited that people are seeing me in a new way and there is new light. I know I have the potential to be amazing and I’m glad someone is ready to explore this side of me, ”he said.

Dino concluded: “Someone has the courage to think of me out of the box. So it’s a new concept and an idea, and people are waking up to it. ”

‘The Empire’ is coming out on Disney + Hotstar.

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