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While most beauty brands begin their journey with only one to two channels for consumer purchases, today it means expanding your customer base and increasing revenue to grow the business through more channels.

In the most recent Headline 4 Ever-produced webinar, Craig Harris, the industry’s principled clothing, fashion and accessory at Oracle NetSuite, and Tomei Thomas, CEO of Beekman 1802, joined Headline 4 Ever’s CEO Arthur Zaczkiewicz to discuss the impact an omnichannel strategy has on the customer experience. and acquisition, how to effectively manage inventory and complete transactions for an abundance of channels, and how Beekman 1802 built livestream shopping experiences through HSN and QVC combined with its own livestream events.

Founded in 2008, the start of the founding of Beekman 1802 could be called “unintentional”, which got its start as a means of making a farm work for itself. At its core, the goat milk-based beauty brand is a brand built on innovation, needs and the belief that there is beauty in kindness. Today, Beekman 1802 has become a popular pure beauty brand, found in Ulta Beauty, QVC and HSN and in more than 2,000 independent retailers nationwide.

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Sharing a message of kindness with a product that works with Beekman 1802’s loyal customer base, or as the brand calls them “neighbors,” Thomas said, has been of great importance throughout the brand’s growth across all channels.

“I knew when I joined the company eight years ago that if I could just get people to try the goat-based products, they would notice the difference in their skin after the very first use, and then they would come back,” Thomas said. “It worked a little too well. We grew extremely fast and at first could not even keep the product in stock, and certainly these growth pains with the system we used were QuickBooks, but also a series of manual spreadsheets were what kept us together in the early days. ”

The brand actually grew so fast that Thomas said the company was experiencing a time when they could not hire people fast enough in an attempt to keep up with the manual process. After growing too fast for manual spreadsheets, Beekman 1802 created Oracle NetSuite in 2018 – a digital advancement that allowed the company to see opportunities to scale in the next 10 to 30 years.

“This development of systems is really cue up to add channels to the business to scale and grow,” Harris said. “And I think Beekman 1802 has really made a name for itself, as you know with livestream shopping.”

Craig Harris online suite

Craig Harris, industrial principle clothing, fashion and accessories at Oracle NetSuite.

For Beekman 1802, live streaming began with its founders explaining the brand’s products and benefits to followers on Facebook.

“We used video to communicate not only that story, but the benefits of products,” Thomas said. “And as time has passed, we have continued to invest in live streaming with social sales as well as through our platform.”

In particular, a live poll was held during the webinar, asking participants to share whether they had started adding new sales channels, finding an even division between those who had and those who did not.

For Beekman 1802, who felt confident in repeat consumers when they first got the product into shoppers’ hands, live streaming was a channel that made sense as a way to grow. With live streaming, Thomas said, the brand is able to essentially sell consumers on the brand’s history, making it a great way to acquire new “neighbors.”

“We always say you can sell everyone for a great story once, but the repetition is because the product worked and made a difference in your life,” Thomas said. “So while it’s great that we have these stories, and then there’s also a great story behind them that are really trying to help the animals’ planet in society, in the end, they also have a big impact on your skin.”

Tomei Thomas, Beekman 1802

Tomei Thomas, CEO of Beekman 1802.

As one of the groundbreaking brands in the livestreaming space, Thomas still said it was difficult to predict stock requirements in the beginning, and although the goal is always to sell products in real time, it has occasionally caused sales on the company’s website. In fact, he shared that the site is experiencing everything from an increase of 300 percent to 500 percent to its average daily volume through e-commerce on days when the brand livestreams.

“We want to create an extraordinary ‘neighbor’ experience,” Thomas said. “And that is to get the product to the customer in a fast way as fast as we absolutely can. Demand planning and forecasting is the backbone of everything we do, especially when you are growing as fast as we have done. And part of that comes from understanding your historical data, so when we do our livestream events. The data certainly helps you understand exactly how much you need to be prepared for in terms of having the product ready, and NetSuite gives you the access to data that we just did not have before. ”

For all brands, no matter what new channel they are considering adding, Harris made it clear that planning and forecasting are part of the “secret sauce to any successful brand.”


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