Dave Callaham On How Working With Lord And Miller Is Preparing Him For Spider-Verse 2

When asked if “America: The Motion Picture” influenced the making of “Spider-Verse 2,” Callaham pointed out that “We are still making ‘Spider-Verse 2,’ so I think there’s still a lot to be determined.” With that out of the way, he said the most important part was getting to know Miller and Lord better.

“This movie deepens the relationship that I have with Phil and Chris,” says Callaham. “And this one being the one that we were working on first, it was very helpful for me to learn from Matt sort of the ins and outs of animation, because it’s such a different storytelling medium than what I’m used to doing as a live-action writer. So that enabled me to go into the ‘Spider-Verse’ process with a lot more understanding of how we were going to write and how things got done in the animation world. So for me, mostly, it was just an amazing animation school experience.”

“America: The Motion Picture” is now streaming on Netflix. The “Spider-Verse” sequel is scheduled to come out on October 7, 2022.

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