Compensation payment system for county IPL players is obsolete: PCA

New Delhi, August 24 (IANS) Professional Cricketers Association (PCA) Director of Cricket Operations Daryl Mitchell said on Tuesday that they are calling for a change in the ‘outdated’ compensation payment system for county IPL players.

It is learned that English players without central contracts pay a rich share of their annual salary back to their counties when they miss matches due to their participation in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

According to a report by ESPNCricinfo, players without core contracts have to pay 1 percent of their annual salary back to their counties for the first 21 days they miss due to IPL involvement and a further 0.7 percent for subsequent days. With most of those affected earning top-end county salaries, the system has led to payments of more than £ 50,000 from those playing the entire IPL season to their counties. ‘

They further quoted the PCA Director of Cricket Operations as saying that “There was a formula in place back in 2010 for deductions from county salaries for those who participated in I’L. We have had requests from members for it and we feel that it must be updated and that there must be conversations about what the formula looks like. ”

“I think everyone agrees that the world of cricket has changed significantly since 2010, and it is clear that England’s attitude towards players playing in the IPL has changed. In 2010, it was almost a preventative measure to try to deter as many players as possible from going to the IPL; now the ECB encourages English players to go and experience that tournament because of the benefits of playing in it, ”Mitchell added.

“We absolutely believe that the counties need compensation, and we do not get away from the fact that the players spend time away – there is a need for some compensation when counties lack their players for that indow. We’re just saying it needs to be reviewed and looked at – it’s outdated and needs to change. ”



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