China approves 3 child policies with SOPs to encourage couples to have more children

Beijing: China’s national legislature on Friday formally approved the three-child policy put forward by the ruling Communist Party in a major political shift aimed at preventing a sharp drop in birth rates in the world’s most populous country. The revised Population and Family Planning Act, which allows Chinese couples to have three children, was passed by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC).Read also – Afghanistan crisis: China says it is willing to develop ‘friendly relations’ with the Taliban

In an apparent attempt to alleviate the reluctance of Chinese couples to have more children due to rising costs, the amended law has also adopted several social and economic support measures to address the concerns. Read also – China forced COVID -19 Origins Probe to drop laboratory leak theory: WHO

The new law stipulates that the country will take support measures, including those in finance, taxes, insurance, education, housing and employment, to reduce family burdens as well as the cost of raising and educating children, the state-run China Daily reported. Read also – China reports 81 new locally transferred covid cases

The NPC has revised the law to implement the central management’s decision to cope with new circumstances in social and economic development and to promote balanced long-term population growth, the report states.

In May this year, the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) approved a relaxation of its strict two-child policy so that all couples could have up to three children.

China allowed all couples to have two children in 2016 and repealed the draconian decades-old one-child policy that politicians owe to the country’s demographic crisis.

Chinese officials claim that the one-child policy, which has been implemented for over three decades, has prevented over 400 million births.

The decision to allow the third child came after this month’s census once in a decade showed that China’s population grew at the slowest pace to 1.412 billion among official projections that the decline may begin as early as next year.

The new censuses showed that the demographic crisis facing China was expected to deepen as the population over 60 grew to 264 million, an increase of 18.7 percent last year.

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