Check These Aspects Before Ordering Sanitary Pumps!

Sanitary pumps have extensive use in agricultural and food processing industries, as these are used for transporting solutions, slurries and liquids. In the dairy industry, sanitary pumps are used for transporting milk, cream, while these can be also used for pumping sugar syrup and juices in the beverage industry. The use of sanitary pumps in also common in pharma and steel industries, where these are required for pumping formulations and water respectively. Some of the new Sanitary pumps can have specific applications, depending on the requirements. It is important to work with manufacturers who have specific expertise in the industry.

Below are more details worth noting before placing an order.

What are the options?

There are four basic types of sanitary pumps – Centrifugal, jet, airlift and positive displacement. Positive displacement pumps use rollers to move the liquid in a cavity, while a jet pump uses force to push the fluids through a nozzle. The most common kind of sanitary pumps is a centrifugal one, which use centrifugal force for creating the required velocity, for increasing the same, rotating impellers are used. There’s also airlift pumps, which mix gas or water to the liquid, which helps in reducing weight of the mix. This, in turn, helps in discharging the same above the liquid’s level. These pumps can run on varied sources of power, including electricity, steam, water, gasoline and solar energy.

Tips for buying

Before placing an order for sanitary pumps, make a thorough enquiry of the prices and features. Keep in mind that some manufacturers charge more than others, mainly because they are capable of offering better services in the long run. It is also a good idea to do a background check of the manufacturer, who should manufacture sanitary pumps ISO certified plants and must have the required technical knowhow. It is also important to check if the products are 3A & FDA compliant. Aftersales service is also worth considering, and you may want to know if the replacement parts would be available on request. The shipping time is also important, and it is essential to verify if the manufacturer has products in stock. You can also ask for references while working with a new supplier, and don’t forget to get the estimate in advance.

Sanitary pumps are must-have equipment for industries listed above, and to get the best deal, always consider the options that fit your requirement and budget.