Charlize Theron Just Gave Fans The Best Possible News About The Old Guard Sequel

In late June, Variety revealed in an exclusive report that Theron confirmed “The Old Guard 2” is officially happening. This is fairly monumental news because the last time Theron spoke to the outlet about a possible sequel, back in July 2020, she was hesitant to give fans much hope. However, the Oscar-winning actress remained open to the idea, teasing, “We’re still pushing [‘The Old Guard’] out. Let’s have a little resting period, but just given the fact that all of us really want to do it, I’m sure when it’s the right time, we’ll start the conversation.”

Now, Theron has not only revealed that “The Old Guard 2” is a go, but has also confirmed other key production details. Per Variety, Theron has also confirmed a script for the sequel is complete and that a filming date has been set for the first quarter of 2022 (translation: sometime between January and March of next year). Additionally, “The Old Guard” star told Variety that Kenzari and Marinelli, who play fan-favorite couple Nicky and Joe, will be reprising their characters for the sequel. For now, these are the only details we have about the sequel. 

Unfortunately, it’s unclear if Schoenaerts, Layne, or Ejiofor will return for the sequel despite “The Old Guard” leaving the door open for the return of their characters. Also, Theron did not share plot details for “The Old Guard 2,” nor is there any word on whether Prince-Bythewood will hop back into the director’s chair. 

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