Cao Cao’s powers from Netflix’s Dynasty Warriors explained

As anyone who has played a “Dynasty Warriors” game knows, almost every named character in the franchise is capable of cutting entire armies alone. Cao Cao is no exception and he is able to compliment his eloquent but destructive sword with various supernatural attack. As befits his seemingly cold, calculating nature, he is often associated with the ice element.

Although Cao Cao is more than capable of controlling – and if necessary disposing of – a large crowd alone, his most dangerous weapon is still his mind. The Han warlord has a laser-like focus on pacifying the country at all costs and sees himself as a bit of a hero. Unfortunately, he is pretty much the only one, at least in the introductory posts in the game series, where he is depicted in a villainous light. This fits with Cao’s characterization in the 14th century novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, on which the franchise is based. However, Encyclopedia Britannica notes that the real Cao was an incredibly skilled tactician, politician and military leader, and that the later games have drawn influence from his more courageous historical reputation.

Although he may be young, the film version of “Dynasty Warriors” by Cao Cao is more clearly closer to the complex games’ later character than the rather one-note baddie he is sometimes depicted as. As such, you effectively look at an impossibly strong and skilled warrior with magical abilities, an unsurpassed ability to lead and tactics, a strong vision – and if his counterpart in real life is an indication, an army of a million or so soldiers for his availability. In other words, Cao Cao is not the kind of guy you want to cross.

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