Bruce Willis Sci-Fi thriller flop that defies odds and grabs Netflix subscribers

The performance of “Cosmic Sin” may not be Oscar-worthy, yet we consider the film to be worth watching, especially for fans of space-centered science fiction. While certainly not as loud as for classics like “Star Trek” and “Battlestar Galactica,” the film still offers dazzling interstellar sights and the chance for audiences to immerse themselves in an amazing world.

Of course, we also can not discount the lure by watching a bad movie. For film enthusiasts, it can be entertaining to see something shockingly bad and wonder how something so misleading was ever green-lit for production. After all, there are still people who enjoy getting together and watching 2000s John Travolta sci-fi misfire “Battlefield Earth” to this day.

Although Matt Fowler from IGN calls the film “a creepy watch from top to bottom with an absolute mess of camera work, scenes where actors do not interact with each other and sci-fi remnants from the bottom barrel,” if you are looking for something to laugh at with your friends a movie like ” Cosmic Sin “be your best chance.

“Cosmic Sin” is now streaming on Netflix.

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