Bring Here Back ‘Ridhima Pandit fans are crying wrong over unfair procrastination

Ridhima Pandit was named one of the biggest challengers in Bigg Boss season 15 and was thrown out of the ceremony last night with her connection in the house, Karan.

Moments later, fans of the actress and show loyalists went ballistic on social media, demanding that she be brought back to the show.

With a career spanning 5 years and some interesting shows in her honor, Ridhima enjoys a massive fan following her bubbly and her bubbly self.

It created maximum headlines in her short tenure in the house and also consistently was voted as one of the best players, it came as a gross shock when her elimination was announced.
Fans also believe that it was her loyalty to her connection Karan Nath that brought her this fate, as the latter has become theirs for his underachievement and calm demeanor.

When the time came for Ridhima to choose his connection, Karan Nath was her only option. Although the duo shared a great camaraderie, Ridhima always had his back to. It was reportedly Karan’s low-key attitude that led to being outsted from the show.

While we are still running with this shocking elimination, it is raining with hate tweets on twitter while fans are demanding that the channel bring back Bahu Hamari Rajnikant actress who calls her elimination unfair. Only time will tell if she is brought back to the show. Let us know what your thoughts are.

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