Bollywood’s Dapper Dudes and their high fashion statements

By Durga Chakravarty

New Delhi, August 15 (IANS) Late legendary actor Dev Anand set male accessories on fire with silky scarves and harsh berets, but down the line, men in Hindi cinema have surpassed Bollywood heartthrobs with taller wardrobes.

The fever quickly traveled from actors to directors, producers to performers, as the red carpet civic-crossed to be noticed in whimsical ensembles that men with weak hearts might not dare to wear.

The actor Govinda in lacy black gyrated to chopped text “Meri pant bhi saxy, meri shirt bhu saxy…. yeh roomal bhi saxy ”number in the comedy ‘Dulaara’ from 1994. But today, his signature clothing is not something that matches what showbiz men wear in ordinary life or at red carpet events.

Here are some of today’s fashion designers:

Ranveer Singh

Bollywood’s very own livewire Ranveer Singh pushed the bar up the moment he hit star status in 2010 with ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’. He went to great lengths to demolish mental barriers on the male wardrobe in the tinsel world. His fashion style can be described as eclectic and even “hateful”. The 36-year-old has turned his head by wearing a black skirt, a ghagra Pathani combo box or the refreshing disco look and even neon-lighting his buzz for A-ticket labels by dressing top-to-toe in Gucci accessories.

The ‘Gully Boy’ star even confessed his love for the brand on Instagram by saying: “Find your Chi, they said. So I made #gucci.”

Karan Johar

Like his films, the filmmaker also depends on outfits that are so glamorous that they take the breath away from the plebeians of the industry. The 49-year-old Johar is comfortable in brightly colored colors, glittering jackets, brilliant prints, iridescent shoes or thick glasses. He took his style quotient up a notch when he was seen during the very first episode of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’, where he was wearing a leopard print jacket, a black T-shirt, massive reading glasses and a silver chain around his neck.

He even went on to say that if he were one of the contestants, he would “always be overdressed, even while sleeping, and stay in the headlines.”

Ayushmann Khurrana

Like his realistic work in cinema, Ayushmann’s approach to fashion is also the same. It is elegant, realistic, classic and also comfortable. Everyone can relate to his style, that’s what makes it appealing. From wearing cool jeans to bespoke suits – Ayushmann has always kept his almost down-to-earth style up.

Vijay Varma

He has added dolls of glamor to retro fashion and gave a touch of himself to his street ensembles. Anyone who follows Vijay on Instagram knows his fetish for sneakers. The ‘Bamfaad’ actor can rock everything from joggers, casual jeans to smart tuxedos and suits. The actor has opened up to be a sucker for 90s fashion. He said during a question-and-answer session on his Instagram: “I’m a sucker for everything retro nineties for their loose wide baggy fit and crazy prints.”

Vidyut Jammwal

Many would be surprised, but yes, Vidyut comes up with his own fashion statements and it is even followed by his army of fans which he happily calls Jammwalions. ‘Macho’ is his style because the actor, who is also a fitness enthusiast, dotes cargo pants, joggers, shorts and vests apart from what a regular actor would pack in his travel bag. Sometimes he even treats his fans with a shirtless image to give a glimpse of his well-sculpted beef.

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