Bigg Boss OTT has announced its first exposed participant!

After a long week of fights, emotions, entertainment, tasks, love, ties, the audience finally decided to support the calm connection, the current Boss Man and Lady, Raqesh and Shamita and ELIMINATED URFI JAVED! Yes, you heard us right. The adorable Urfi Javed is out of the house

Attendees and audiences have been waiting for this day since day one of Bigg Boss OTT. This Sunday, Ka Vaar witnessed all participants cover up to look their best, and Kjo Hurricane hit the Bigg Boss OTT house and took the house by storm !! Who would have thought that Karan would show the right mirror to every participant in wild style and of course indicate that Bigg Boss OTT has just begun!

From Karan Johar’s confrontation with the participants to SidNaaz who entered the house for elimination results … this Sunday, Ka Vaar encapsulated collapse, entertainment, elimination! While the participants were super excited for the weekend and to talk to Kjo, no one had imagined that tears would come down, especially Divya Agarwal. On Sunday, Ka Vaar started OG .. Karan Johar smashes Divya Agarwal for saying ‘I do not need the show’; asks her to leave the house !! Kjos non-stop accusations against Divya came as a surprise to her, she could not stop and broke down in tears. Lesson learned!

When we talked about surprises, Urfi’s elimination was certainly surprising. The entertainment ka chota package had a great start to her journey with Bigg Boss OTT, but little did we know that Zeeshan’s decision to drop her and choose Divya would be a major reason she went out as she did not have a partner or a connection.

Well, Kjo has made it very clear how important the connections will be for survival. He also mentioned that Moose and Nishant are apparently the connection’s brand ambassadors as the duo have maintained their relationship since day one !!

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