Best Superhero Sibling Rivalries In The Comics

The Greek gods may have had their family problems, but even they were not quite as strange as The Endless, a family of beings who embody incredibly powerful, abstract forces in the DC universe.

Created by Neil Gaiman for his comic book series “The Sandman”, includes The Endless Destiny, Destruction, Desire, Despair, Delirium, Death and Dream (aka Morpheus, main character in the series). Like the living embodiments of natural forces, Endless is actually more powerful than most gods, making their family drama more interesting.

While some members of the Infinite (especially dream and death) are very serious about fulfilling their responsibility to maintain their kingdoms, others (like destruction) gave up their duties for personal reasons – as if they did not want to ruin the scientific progress of enlightenment . This leads to conflict within the family. Likewise, the androgynous and cruel desire has a rivalry with Dream, which he sees as a sibling.

Fortunately, the Endless has a level-headed member in Death, whose ironically sunny and happy nature is able to even shake Dream / Morpheus out of his depressed state after years in prison. Depicting death as a kind and compassionate entity was an unexpected move from Gaiman – but given how cruel, arrogant and downright crazy some of the other Endless can be, it’s a good thing they’ve had her around to keep them in queue.

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