Ashraf Ghani is likely to travel to the United States after being denied land in Tajikistan, claims reports

Kabul: Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who fled the country yesterday, is likely to travel to the United States, reports said on Monday. Ghani is reportedly landing in Oman after being refused land in Tajikistan.Read also – Video: Heavy Gunfire kills 5 as civilians gather at Kabul airport to leave Warn-torn land | WATCH

The Foreign Ministry of Tajikistan has also rejected reports claiming that Ghani arrived in the country. “The plane carrying Ashraf Ghani has not entered the airspace in Tajikistan and has not landed on its territory,” the Foreign Ministry said. Read also – India to chair the UN Security Council meeting on the situation in Afghanistan today

According to the Tajik Foreign Ministry, Dushanbe (the capital of Tajikistan) did not receive any requests from the Afghan side. Also read – The kind of gains you cherish for a lifetime: Plumbing Laxman praises the West Indies

Earlier Sunday, Ghani explained in a lengthy Facebook post the reason for his exit. The former president said he left the war-torn country to ‘avoid bloodshed’. Ghani said he was facing a “tough choice” between “armed Taliban” or “leaving the dear country that I dedicated my life to protecting for the past 20 years”.

He added that the terrorist group had won a “trial against swords and weapons” but could not win the hearts of the Afghan people. “If left unchecked, countless patriots would be martyred and the city of Kabul would be destroyed, resulting in a major humanitarian catastrophe in the city of six million people,” Ghani said.

Meanwhile, chaos has erupted at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport after thousands of Afghans gathered at Kabul airport in search of an evacuation flight. The US military has taken over security at Kabul airport to carry out the massive air lift of diplomatic presence in Afghanistan following the Taliban’s takeover of the capital.

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