Apple Airpods Review: Everything You Need To Know

Standard Apple Airpods come with basic features such as fast pairing of iOS devices and automatic pause and playback. Although they do not have noise reduction, they are a very convenient choice of wireless earphone. Some other core features added by Apple include Siri’s hands-free capability and faster switching between user devices.

The regular Apple Airpods are quite lighter than Airpods Pro. Another difference between the two is that standard Airpods lean towards the ear rather than inside it. For users who want a less conspicuous earphone, regular Airpods are a more ideal choice than Airpod Pro.

In general, if what you want is an affordable and user-friendly cordless earphone, then the standard Apple Airpod is a good choice.

What features does Airpods offer?

What features does Airpods offer?

The connection is hassle-free with no downtime on the technical front, whether it is between two knobs or a telephone and knob. Changing connections as well as initial pairing is simple. The case charges Apple Airpods quickly; the battery life is quite impressive – five hours of listening time or three hours of talk time from a single charge and almost 19 hours available (via the charging box).

Under the skin of the apple Airpods W1 chip there was in the very first released a new H1 chip has replaced Airpods. This new chip enables faster switching and pairing between Apple devices, less latency (for gaming), improved battery management for longer talk time, and complete hands-free control. Before using the H1 chip, the older Airpods were tested consisting of full AirPods battery discharge with a cell phone call, until the sound of the call stopped playback from one of the Airpods.

Following the launch of iOS13, Apple Airpods received a new handy feature – Audio Sharing. This smart new addition lets a few more Apple Airpods connect and listen to an iPhone. To share audio with another person, just tap both phones together, and you can both listen to a Spotify song, a Netflix show, or a Youtube video.

In addition to this exciting feature and thanks to ios13, users can now reply to Siri messages. When Siri reads out the incoming message, you can respond immediately using your voice.

Airpods, along with a wireless charging case, are available for £ 199, while the charging box alone is available for £ 79. The case has a battery-level display LED on the front and it also works with all Qi-compatible charging mats. Finally, keep in mind that battery life depends on device settings, environment, and device usage.




The recently improved Airpods are significantly higher than the previous version. This is very welcome because standard Apple Airpods are not good at isolating noise from the outside; therefore, the extra sound is needed. For noise-canceling earbuds, however, you can choose the Apple Airpods pro.

Apple typically provides a natural, relatively neutral sound balance in all of its products, and these Airpods follow the same modus operandi. Artificial treble and bass boost enhancement is absent, so you can enjoy your music with little or no external maneuvering. This natural sound feeling is a huge plus for the listening experience.

In addition, the improved Airpods have more style and subtlety than their previous version. The low dynamic changes are more refined and granular, while the greater contrasts between loud and quiet are more apparent and intense. The delivery is significantly more careful and the presentation is a little more expansive and open. As a result of improved timing, the Airpods structure is artificially improved.

While the above audio enhancements may seem rather underrated, they make a significant difference to the overall listening experience when assembled. The improvements make Apple Airpods work better and provide more exciting sound.


Despite the new improvements made to Apple Airpods, they are still lacking in some important areas. The refined style and better work structure do not compensate for the abrasive sound at high volumes. Airpods are also poor at properly delivering the sound quality of the highly arranged parts of some songs / tracks.

Although the previous Airpods version was not the best in terms of sound quality, it had better rhythmic delivery and details than this new version. Apple seems to have saved the excellent sound quality for the Airpods Pro.




Apple Airpods are an earplug in a size that fits everyone. Thanks to the new improvements, they are also less obvious and fit more subtly in the ear.


So far, apart from a few build and fit adjustments here and there, Apple has ignored most of the criticism from the first Airpods model. While it is good to have an earplug that fits everyone, it has its significant problems. While it may fit perfectly in a person’s ear that they can drive or train without the AirPods falling out, it may be the opposite in another case and fall out of the ear at the slightest drag.

The absence of physical control buttons can also be quite frustrating. The two users’ specified double-click controls and Siri are pretty poor substitutes for the lack of controls, especially for users who want to use the earplugs while exercising.

Are Apple Airpods Worth Buying?

Are Apple Airpods Worth Buying?

If what you want is smooth, flawless pairing with your iPhone and Audio Sharing options, then Apple Airpods are a great choice. If you prioritize high quality and live audio fidelity, you should consider getting a Bose or Sony headphone or earphone. But if you still want an apple product, the Airpods pro provides remarkably good sound quality.

Airpods vs. Bose headphones

Airpods provide better battery life and fast charging capacity. The H1 chip also helps with a flawless connection to your iPad and iPhone. As a user of iPhone or Apple devices, you will appreciate these features. On the other hand, the Bose SoundSport Free has significantly better sound quality and a more secure ear.

In essence, if you do not mind sacrificing sound quality and intend to use the earbuds with an iPad or iPhone, download Airpods or Airpods pro (which has better sound quality).


Apple Airpods have many smart features that give them some advantages over the first Airpods version. These features come mainly from the new H1 headphone chip, which improves battery life and makes the connection more hassle-free. It is also responsible for the new ‘Hey Siri’ voice activation feature, which for example allows users to reply to messages when Siri reads them out immediately. If you are an iPhone user, the new additions will be even more enjoyable.

In addition, users can get the wireless charging case, which can be operated with one Qi-compatible charging mat, rather than using a standard Apple cable. Apple Airpods are effortless to pair with just about any phone model, but they mostly seem to work with iPhones. Their sound quality also decreases briefly compared to other earplugs from e.g. Bose and Sony. Overall, they are ideal for users who just want a functional earphone with good battery life and hassle-free iPhone connectivity.

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