Antagonists’ release date, cast and plot

As reported by Deadline, “The Antagonists” will adopt its story from the Godhood Comics series of the same name. The story focuses on Destructus and Ultima, two black supervillains who are married. Oh, and they have also successfully taken over the world, which means they are retired from supervillainy and enjoying the fruits of their labor. But as Destructus and Ultima teach, retirement is not easy when being a supervillain is an integral part of your nature. The couple is wanted by governments across the globe and they need to balance to keep their old lives in check by starting a family. It turns out that their children also have superpowers, which will only make things more complicated for the couple when deciding how they want to raise their children.

As Deadline notes, “The Antagonists” is a TV show that will focus on a couple of supervillains “fight[ing] to keep their worst impulses at bay while balancing married life, parental responsibility, being black in America and hiding their past and past identity from their superpowered children. That’s all the information we have about the upcoming “Antagonists” shows for now, but keep an eye out as we report new updates as they appear.

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