Andrew Koji Reveals His Way to Play Storm Shadow in Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins

Since GI Joe is a worldwide phenomenon, was it a part of your life that grew up in Europe, and if so, were you fascinated by Storm Shadow?

No, not until you learned the role. I had not grown up with him. I was a video game nerd and I think it’s called “Action Force” in England. But yes, after I landed the role, that was when I had to research and get a little into it. And then that was when I started walking, and then I talked to Robert about us wanting to ground it in some kind of Japanese samurai culture, etc. I think that was when it got funny, of course.

“Snake Eyes” is interesting because in a way you define the role of Storm Shadow, as well as Henry is with Snake Eyes and present these roles in ways that fans have not seen before. It must be hugely satisfying for you as an actor, given the rare opportunity to define an iconic character as Storm Shadow.

Yes I think so. When it comes out, we see it. I guess it’s not really landed yet, it’s more like that every job you do as an actor you just do your absolute best hopefully and then you move on. So I think with this, I do not know about defining the character, but certainly I worked really hard to try to do it so that people – little kids watching and GI Joe fans – would be proud and happy.

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