An iconic DC character appears in Batwoman season 3

Cartagena played Montoya in the first season of “Gotham,” in which she partnered with Crispus Allen. The two investigated the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne and eventually accused Gordon of killing Osward Cobblepot – saving Gordon from a hit man when Cobblepot shows up alive. It’s clear throughout this process that Montoya holds a grudge because of her feelings for Barbara Kean, but she ends up apologizing to Gordon.

Cartagena told DirectSubmit about Montoya, “I welcome her complexity! She (and the writers who created her along with the writers of Gotham), challenge me to keep on my toes. She goes on so much in the beautiful mind. I must always be aware of her intentions in every moment: she is compassionate, stubborn, loving, smart, angry, etc. there is so much depth and so many layers to play! “She also remarked, in an interview with American Latino, who at the time “No one else has portrayed her, so I do not have the pressure to be compared to anyone.”

Looks like she now has some great shoes to fill out – her own! Cartagena is also no longer the only person to have portrayed Renee Montoya in live-action: Rosie Perez also took over the role in the 2020 Warner Bros. movie “Birds of Prey,” which made her a member of the all-woman group. And it should be noted that “Batwoman” Renee Montoya will definitely be a different character than both of her previous live-action iterations. As previously mentioned, the Fox version of “Gotham” was never considered part of the CW’s Arrowverse, and “Birds of Prey” takes place in the DC Extended Universe of the Film. So the creators of “Batwoman” can freely interpret the character no matter what they want.

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