American Horror Story season 10 Premiere title tips on a new villain

The title of “American Horror Story”, Season 10, Episode 1, is currently listed online as “Cape Fear” (via IMDB). Showrunner Ryan Murphy previously revealed on his Instagram tells that the filming for “American Horror Story” season 10 took place in Provincetown, Massachusetts. The title “Cape Fear” further suggests that Provincetown serves as an in-fiction location, as Provincetown is located on the Cape Cod Peninsula.

As it turns out, Provincetown is the alleged home of a cryptozoological monster, ala Bigfoot, reportedly seen several times in the region, known as Black Flash (via Provincetown Magazine). The creature, which per. Those who remember seeing it were dressed in a black cloak, had glowing eyes, and could jump far higher than a typical human could. The sight of the Black Flash happened at such a speed that it seemed as if it was teleporting over the city, and these reports once reached such a critical mass in 1939 that local officers began to investigate the phenomenon.

Was that right? Not according to the officers who said it was teenagers playing a joke. Another local claimed it looked empty. Nevertheless, the legend lives on.

The inclusion of Black Flash in “American Horror Story” season 10 is further supported by another post by Ryan Murphy for his Instagram account where he teased a few creatures equipped with black clothes. Now that the setting for at least the first half of “American Horror Story” season 10 is almost confirmed as Provincetown, Cape Cod, these creatures can certainly be assumed to be versions of none other than Provincetown’s own Black Flash.

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