America: The Motion Picture Creators Reveal What It’s Like Working With Lord And Miller

Dave Callaham has known Phil Lord and Chris Miller for a while and is currently working with them on “Into The Spider-Verse 2.” “They are geniuses of storytelling,” he said. “I don’t think that’s a particularly hot take, so I don’t probably need to elaborate. But they are. The thing that they do is they are so empathetic about the way that they approach character, even in movies like ours, where you might not probably need to. But they always go above and beyond because they want people to care about their characters.”

He also singles out one of their best traits on top of that: “those two guys just truly believe that you can always try to do better.” There is no joke that can’t be improved with a little more work. “And they will iterate and iterate and iterate until you have all of the best stuff. And it’s really refreshing because you don’t do that all the time. And also, they’re geniuses. So it works out.”

“America: The Motion Picture” is now streaming on Netflix.

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