All Avengers Fighting Styles Taskmaster uses in black widow

Anyone who has seen any of the “Captain America” ​​or “Avengers” movies will definitely spot the obvious reference to the way Taskmaster uses a shield to fight with. Like Steve Rogers’ (Chris Evans) patriotic hero, the “Black Widow” villain transforms a typical defensive shield into something more armed. It is seen throughout the film as Taskmaster throws a silver disc at Natasha or straight up bases her with it. Since Cap is one of the most famous heroes in the world within MCU, there are plenty of footage of his fighting style from wartime footage from the 1940s – as well as his fights today – that Dreykov was able to pick up and get his daughter to to see.

Additionally, there’s a surprising feature that Taskmaster appears to have taken from Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan). During the fight with the Red Guardian, Taskmaster whips a knife, quickly turns it between his hands and tries to stab Alexei. In the current MCU, Bucky is no longer a villain like the Winter Soldier, but his legacy can still be felt within Taskmaster’s movements in “Black Widow.” Given that the Winter Soldier often worked with Soviet forces in the 1950s and onwards, it would not be surprising if they had a cache of footage of Bucky’s movements to learn from.

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