Alex Wolff reveals his most unpleasant scene with Nicolas Cage In Pig

In Wolff and Cage’s first scene together in “Pig”, Amir travels to Rob’s distant destination to buy some freshly picked truffles. It’s a curious scene, considering Wolff talks all the time, while Cage hardly acknowledges his presence, much less talks to him. As such, it was something new and uncomfortable for Wolff to participate in a scene where he was greeted with silence, especially when it was facing an actor who was as valued as Cage.

In the end, Wolff embraced the challenge and felt he emerged as a better actor because of it.

“You know it increases your game, but it’s very difficult. It’s hard. It’s hard to keep talking and have someone not talking to you, but I think it ends up serving you, “Wolff revealed to Headline 4 Ever. “What do you feel as an actor, like, ‘Oh my God, am I okay?’ really earn a character.Because anyone who keeps talking and someone does not speak, they usually then begin to spiral and become a little nervous and insecure out of this.There is no one giving the other silence.Imagine if you asked me a question and I was just looking at you. I think you’re nervously starting to rephrase the question. So I think it was like that, it was a little bit, but really funny. “

Wolff actually had another co-star who did not speak in the same scene, but he was not so cast by it because she was the title character in “Pig”. Instead, the pig simply ended up with Amir’s ire as he walked up to Rob’s doorstep to buy the prized truffles.

“She starts walking on my nice shoes and I yelled at her,” Wolff said, smiling. “It was all improvised because it was just fun. She was a diva, but we loved her.”

“Pig” plays in selected theaters nationwide.

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