A murder in West Cork

Made by six times Oscar-nominated Jim Sheridan (“My Left Foot”, “In the Father’s Name”), “Murder at the Cottage” is a five-part series that takes a different approach to the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier and frames it as part of the filmmaker’s personal journey. The Irish Times called it “undoubtedly a gripping documentary” and said it “lacks the line of obscurity that runs through much of the real crime genre.”

However, it comes from a slightly different point of view than “Sophie: A Murder in West Cork”, which mostly concludes that the lone suspect in the case, Ian Bailey, is guilty. “Murder at the Cabin,” as Bailey had more involvement because he said (via Joe) he felt the Netflix project would be “a piece of demonization,” allowing viewers to consider the possibility that Bailey’s alleged guilt could instead be the result of a police conspiracy. Sheridan does not draw a concrete conclusion, but draws up a case that raises doubts about Bailey’s guilt. This resulted in the removal of contributions from the Toscan du Plantiers family at their request (via Irish examiner).

Critics say that this series also gives viewers a deeper sense of who Toscan du Plantier was (according to Echo) as Sheridan talks to locals and others and tries to make sense of the events of the awful day. If you loved “Sophie: A Murder in West Cork” and want to find out more about the circumstances and the victim as well as see a more well-rounded discussion of main suspects, this is a must-see. However, it is currently only available to UK viewers via NowTV’s streaming service, which is owned by the original TV station Sky. Perhaps, if there are enough new interests generated in the case, it will be made more accessible internationally.

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