36% Of People Think This Dexter Moment Went Too Far

“Dexter” Season 7 introduces viewers to Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski), the woman who went on a Bonnie-and-Clyde-style murder spree with her boyfriend, Wayne Randall (Dan Buran), when she was a teenager. Decades later, Hannah claims that she was Wayne’s hostage, not his partner — although, as Dexter notes, the evidence suggests otherwise. Convinced that Hannah is lying about not participating in Wayne’s bloody trail of terror, Dexter decides that she would be the perfect person for his killing table. However, when he does actually have her strapped down and at his mercy, Dexter decides to cut Hannah free … and have sex with her instead. This is what over 36% of “Dexter” fans who responded to Headline 4 Ever’s poll chose as the moment that went way too far.

Hannah is obviously a very beautiful woman, but it’s an incredibly bizarre choice for Dexter to do this. It’s made clear when he first meets Hannah that there’s an attraction there, and perhaps he’s drawn to her being a killer like him. But for Dexter to go from cold to hot so quickly is kind of a shocker. 

It could also be that, well, a lot of “Dexter” fans just don’t like Hannah, and that’s why this moment makes them feel queasy. In a Reddit thread from March 2020, many fans voiced their displeasure for the character. “She tried to kill Deb for God’s sake,” user u/redditneonate pointed out. “Dexter is supposed to be a cold blooded killer but he turns into a lovelorn puppy when Hannah is around.” In the same thread, u/ShinyAsPizza said, “He literally killed his brother for trying to hurt his sister, I have no idea why Hannah was spared.”

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that this moment is the one “Dexter” fans felt overstepped a boundary. Other scenes listed in Headline 4 Ever’s survey include Deb suddenly professing her love for Dexter (which received 13.20% of the vote), and Dexter capturing Doakes (Erik King) and framing him as the Bay Harbor Butcher (which earned 13.04% of the vote).

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