Tempting Destinations to go to During Sardinia

Each year a large number of visitors flock to Sardinia, a sizable island from the coast of Italy. Many remain in a rental property in Sardinia, but wherever you might choose to stay there are numerous destinations to mind for when you are around the island. Here are the highlights you are able to expect to.


No trip here could be complete without a vacation to the capital, Cagliari. It’s found at the southern finish from the island, roughly in the center of that a part of its shoreline. You could book a rental property in Sardinia nearby, which means you are close to this most vibrant and exciting of cities. There’s a cathedral here available in Castello. This really is also known as the earliest a part of Cagliari, also it holds a number of other sights too, for example two limestone towers that date in the 1300s.


In the opposite finish from the island to Cagliari you’ll find Olbia, an urban area with 100s of many years of history behind it. Should you remain in a rental property in Sardinia near Olbia you’ll be inside a much quieter area of the island. The Nation’s The archaeology of gortyn Museum are available here, combined with the Basilica of San Simplicio. This can be a church that’s almost a 1000 years of age both exterior and interior are must-see.

Porto Torres

Towards the west of Olbia across the same stretch of shoreline you’ll find Porto Torres. This city hosts the Basilica of San Gavino, a church which has was in position for virtually exactly the same period of time since it’s counterpart in Olbia. Indeed, it’s the proof of former Roman occupation from the area that’s the most intriguing feature of Porto Torres. The sights include thermal baths as well as aqueducts, a few of which continue to be in excellent condition given how old they are. They’ll easily be far over the age of the rental property in Sardinia you decide to remain in!

Porto Flavia

This harbour may be worth a mention because back in the day a thriving mining community. Nowadays it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and could be visited by vacationers. The doorway towards the complex has Porto Flavia written above it, and you may go lower the tunnel where miners once labored. There’s also an exhibit which will reveal what it really was prefer to work there in the 1920s towards the 1960s.

These locations represent just a small fraction of the numerous areas you will find to go to when you get to Sardinia for the holiday. There are lots of beaches to savor however it is effective travel around to determine what else you’ll find when you are on holiday. With ancient ruins and far else besides, this beautiful Italian destination has numerous treasures to express.