Should you Use Corrugated Cardboard Boxes?

Corrugated cardboard is specially designed and manufactured to create a sophisticated construction. Boxes made from this material can carry a wide range of weights, give protection against moisture, and offer sustainable packaging solutions. These boxes can be customized to carry almost any object, from bulk food products to pharmaceutical supplies. They are used every day in a range of industries. Also, their recyclability helps users in cutting costs. If you are wondering why you should use corrugated cardboard boxes as your packaging solution, consider the following reasons:

These Boxes Offer Protective Packaging

Corrugated cartons have a structurally stable design that offers an excellent cushion for any items. This way, their contents are protected through long-distance transport and constant handling and shipping. Although the majority of corrugated boxes include a layer of fluting between a couple of liners, their size and thickness can vary, depending on the required amount of protection and durability. These boxes can completely secure and protect fragile products like chemical liquids, electronic items, and glass products. They can be customized to suit the specifications of any product and keep them protected.

They can be Customized to Meet the Needs and Requirements of Customers

Corrugated cardboard boxes can be customized to create the size, weight, design, and style customers require. They can have basic construction or a more complex one depending on the specifications of customers. To accommodate various requirements, they can be folded into various sizes and shapes. Also, printing options are customizable that they can be directly printed into the cartons with colorful, bold, and high-resolution graphics. The customization of these boxes is mainly aimed at ensuring the protection and security of the products they contain. Corrugated cardboard boxes can also be designed in a way that their contents can be seen from the outside. This means that even if the products are still on the go, their advertising already begins.

They are a Sustainable and Cost-Effective Packaging Solution

Corrugated boxes are a low-cost packaging solution. This is because corrugated boxes manufacturing involves low labor, material, and equipment costs.  The quality of corrugated boxes makes them perfect for storage, shipping, and advertising products which also contribute to their low cost. In fact, they are eco-friendly packaging solutions since they are made using recyclable materials like used corrugated cartons and old newspapers. A lot of cartons can be folded back and stored away in stores, homes, and offices for later use. The ability of these boxes to be used again and again makes a customer’s investment even more worth it.