Popularity of Rummy Game in India

Indians have always been pretty fond of playing cards. And among the numerous card games prevalent across the diverse nation, the rummy game has continued to find enormous favour with the denizens. Playing rummy has been an inherent part of the Indian culture. It has become all the more lucrative with the arrival of Online Rummy and is taking the country by storm. Indians love to play different variants of the game, with 13 Card Indian Rummy being the hot favourite. Along with the 13 Card game, many other variants of rummy such as Paplu and Indian Marriage are widely played in clubs and parties.

The Journey

There was a time when this leisure pursuit was a prerogative of only the affluent. In the classic movies of the Indian cinema, we can notice the ultra-rich revelling in the joys of playing the fascinating card game in parties, clubs, and other social get-togethers. However, with the passage of time and emergence of online rummy, it is fast on its way to becoming one of the most sought-after means of recreation in the country. Individuals of all ages love to play the game.

The Catalysts

Several factors have contributed to this phenomenon, with the main ones being:

  • The penetration of internet throughout the length and breadth of the country. Online connectivity is now available at high speeds and easily affordable prices.
  • Smartphones have come within the reach of most citizens. They have become a quintessential of the modern lifestyle, and almost all and sundry possess a mobile phone with excellent features. India boasts the second largest smartphone market in the world.
  • Tech-savvy countrymen have become fond of diverse forms of entertainment and are always on the lookout for new mind-storming ways to relax and rejuvenate.
  • Hugely popular foreign games like Candy Crush Saga have started giving way to desi games such as rummy that are based on skills and strategy.
  • Last but definitely not the least, professionally run reliable rummy websites have given a tremendous impetus to the game. The gaming companies are focussing on game technology and enhancement of user experience, as also innovative marketing, resulting in sky-rocketing popularity of the game.

New Vistas for the Game

The popularity of the simple but interesting card-melding game can be gauged from the fact that gaming start-ups that provide card lovers with the facility of playing rummy online, have been witnessing a rapid surge in their clientele base. To exemplify, Rummy Passion is a brand that deserves a special mention among India’s most renowned rummy websites. The relatively new portal has been clocking an astounding 100% growth per quarter right since its inception, thanks to its par-excellence services.

Magnitude of Popularity

The dawn of online gaming platforms has revolutionised the game as also the way it is played. Card games on social networks have been garnering wide acceptance in India. The available statistics indicate that there are more than 120 million gamers in the country who play for at least half an hour every time they log in. Furthermore, rummy games account for about a tenth of the 500 million monthly downloads on different gadgets. The availability of online card games eliminates the need to look for a common time and place to indulge in the game with your buddies.

Players Spoilt for a Choice

The smartphone revolution coupled with the nose-diving prices of internet data packages has led to almost everybody possessing a smartphone with net connectivity. Apart from this, the Indian Rummy game can be easily played by just logging onto a rummy website. You no longer require high-configuration computers to play the online game. Players can enjoy it 24/7 without having to wait for special occasions and social congregations. The online game tables are always abuzz with activity as thousands of rummy enthusiasts descend onto them to indulge in the mind-storming entertainment.

Free Practice games at the sites allow even newbie players to test and hone their rummy-playing skills. Then, there are freeroll tournaments which are entirely a win-win proposition for the players, for winning in these ‘zero entry fee’ competitions adds the prize money to the account of the player but losing does not entail any deductions from the account.

The abundance of lucrative offers and promotions by gaming portals makes rummy all the more tempting and exciting. While most people engage in the game for relaxation and rejuvenation purposes, others take it as a brilliant opportunity to earn money online.


Indians have always loved to entertain themselves with rummy, the card game of skills. As such, the game has been a part of the Indian ethos and very popular in the country. People love to play the spell-weaving game with their family and friends on special events and get-togethers. The retired play it as a ritual in clubs. However, the advent of online rummy has made the traditional card game inordinately popular – with people of all ages logging onto rummy websites to enjoy the game at their own convenience. How about having a rummy session?