Points to Be Considered While Using Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting

You need to understand that all types of foams are of not same type and quality. Therefore, while selecting the polyurethane foam you need to look for certain special characteristics. Not only you must consider its expansion, which is very important but also its set up and curing time as well. You also need to consider about its adhesion.

Therefore, in this small article, we shall talk about various truths about polyurethane foam concrete lifting and answers to many of the questions that might arise in your mind while you go for buying this material from the market.

Following are few parameters that you need to understand about this material.

  • Foam reaction time

You must find out whether polyurethane foam that you are selecting reacts too slowly? If the foam has property to react much falsely then it will be great for filling different voids however for raising the concrete it may not be right solution. If the reaction time of the material is too slow then it can travel beneath the slab that you are trying to lift and expand later.

In such condition you need to create suitable bridge of foam for lifting multiple numbers of slabs. If such situation gets developed, then you need to cut through the foam’s layer and try to lift it again. Thus, both your money and time will waste.

  • Foam adhesion

The purpose of polyurethane foam is to lift the concrete but not remain adhered to it. If this foam has been used for raising the concrete along foundation, then it will remain adhered to foundation and keep the slab locked. Therefore, you must choose such material that has tough exterior skin and not easily get adhered to the foundation. With such skin it will prevent adhesion with surrounding concrete foundation or any other adjacent slabs.

  • Foam density

Prefer to use higher density of foam so that you will need lesser amount of material thus reduce your cost.

  • Foam pliability

It is essential that the foam pliability should be more so that it will work to your advantage. With much rigid foam you may have problem.

  • Foam aggressiveness

If you have chosen more aggressive foam, then it will expand better and keep the concrete raised.

Selection of correct foam is very essential otherwise you very purpose will get defeated and your money and time will be wasted. On the other hand, by using correct foam you can increase its efficiency.