5 Things to Remember When Finding a Seasoned Commercial Paving Contractor

Regardless if you need a commercial paving contractor to build a parking lot or repair a deteriorating driveway, you must always remember to hire the best one in the industry. But how exactly do you know which contractor can provide the most outstanding deal? Below are some essential tips you can use to help you get the right people for your upcoming paving project.

  1. Request project bids from different contractors

It’s not enough to ask a cost estimate from one contractor in your area. Ask for price estimates from at least three contractors. Compare the offers side by side. How much do they charge for the whole project? Is it reasonable? Do they have a detailed breakdown of the costs? What are the major factors that affect their pricing? How long before they can complete your project? Commercial paving experts never fail to provide accurate details.

  1. Don’t just focus on the price!

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. That’s why it’s vital to check other details of the bid aside from the pricing. Some contractors may offer their services for a bargain price but deliver poor results at the end of the day. Others may charge sky-high fees but still provide substandard services. Learn how to spot red flags so you can find a contractor that deliver exceptional results for a reasonable price.

  1. Know everything about your target contractor

Before hiring a contractor or negotiating the deal, check the company’s background first. How long have they been providing services? You should ask for customer references. A seasoned contractor can readily provide you a list of previous clients who you can contact for references.

You can also check out reviews online. Find out what their past customers say about the quality of their products and services. Are they reliable? How well do they manage complaints? Do they have a cordial staff? Look into these details closely.

  1. Check your contractor’s warranty

Even the best companies make mistakes. If things go wrong, they need to have a backup plan. More importantly, they need to compensate you for damages. You should ask for the scope and limitation of the warranty before you hire a contractor. What does the warranty cover? Will they replace damaged paving? Do they provide a free service for frost damage? What about colour changes?

  1. Seal the deal with a contract

If you like what the contractor offers, make sure to ask for a written agreement. It should contain the complete details of the project. Check the completion date, agreed price, and other project specifics. Determine what will happen if they fail to meet the deadline. The contract should also contain the details of the warranty.

There are a lot of commercial paving experts in the area, but you can narrow down your selection by using the five tips above. Aside from looking at the cost estimate, make sure that you fully understand the terms and condition of the contractor. Do your homework before finally signing the contract to ensure that you get the best deal for your project.

Image: Pixabay.com